Talks with Vox: Father O’Brien

This week has been all about the Jesuits.

From Jesuit Trivia Night, to Jesuit story telling…even to the opportunity to spike a Jesuit with a volleyball, this Jesuit Heritage Week encourages students to get their Cura Personalis on.

Although Vox was disappointed that she couldn’t get an interview with John Carroll, Talks with Vox will be featuring another campus celebrity and Jesuit legend, Father Kevin O’Brien.

VOX: What do you think is the importance of Jesuit heritage week?

Father O’Brien: Jesuit Heritage Week seeks to share in creative ways what our Jesuit tradition is all about for this generation of students, faculty and staff. The Jesuit tradition, nearly 500 years old, is a living one, and students today can express it in a unique way.

VOX: What does the Jesuit experience mean to you? 

Father O’Brien: I first met the Jesuits when I was a student at Georgetown in the 80s. The Jesuits schooled my mind and my heart. Now back at Georgetown, I love helping another generation bring together in their own way learning, faith, and service.

VOX: What biblical passage or figure best describes your personality?

Father O’Brien: I relate to Peter. He was capable of such noble ambition and passionate generosity, but he was also weak and flawed. In other words, very human.  Yet, Jesus still called him, just as he was. This gives me hope.

VOX: What is your favorite location on the Georgetown campus?

Father O’Brien: Dahlgren chapel when the sun is setting behind the Sacred Heart window. Awesome.

Photo: Guy Middleton via Flickr

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