Comments of the Week: Spirit animals and smatition petitions

Last week, Vox learned more about the Corp’s cool new coffee supplier, gave you a heads up for what to expect for the 2015 GUSA Executive Election, detoxed from wine night with some kale and avocado, and chatted with one of Georgetown’s beloved Jesuits.

Shamelessly self-titled commenter Ivonna Humpalot asked a pressing question about Vox‘s first single of the week, Jared Kilmer.

Hmmm…not bad…but…What is his spirit animal in bed? Looks like an antelope to me.

Although the GUSA petition for greater transparency in the Foreign Language and Linguistics Department sparked many long (and slightly annoyed) responses, bulldoge kept things short and simple.

lol petition smatition

Aged Alumnus offers some architectural criticisms regarding the reconstruction of the old JesRes. Vox is wondering where they were when the University decided on Lau’s…interesting aesthetic.

Too bad the architects didn’t take this opportunity to restore the historically accurate gabled roof of the Mulledy Building, which was rebuilt in its current form as an unattractive flat roof after a fire in 1947. Prior to the fire, Mulledy and Maquire Hall were consorts, with very similar late Federal period architectural detail, flanking Ryan Hall, as they originally flanked Old South. The new Mulledy roof spoiled the symmetry of the composition. The famous Civil War Brady photo images taken from Virginia clearly show the original roofline. See the link for a photo of the original appearance of Mulledy, taken the morning after the fire:

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