ANC Wrapup: Possible Under Armour store in Georgetown and Reed eats a tic-tac

At last night’s meeting with the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, including fellow Hoyas Kendyl Clausen (SFS ’16) and Reed Howard (SFS ’17), the commissioners discussed 7-11 burglaries, poorly-proportioned windows, and a possible Under Armour retail in place of the old Serendipity. Vox is here to give you a play-by-play of the most exciting developments you all missed.

Crime happens in Georgetown sometimes
Haven’t had burglaries in a while, says cop. 7-11 on P street robbed twice in 3 days. Yikes. How will Georgetown students get their slurpies if there is so much crime? Scrap the Hilltoss, get on that Corp. We want slurpies.

Good, clean energy
Member of Georgetown Energy Patrick McDonald (SFS ’17) addressed his interest in promoting cleaner energy in the Georgetown University and wider D.C. area. On Feb. 26, there will be a meeting held at the Georgetown neighborhood library about promoting solar energy—Vox will be keeping an eye on developments with this.

Now for the many construction proposals.
Insert male with less-than-enthusiastic tone, standing in front of an audience in which the only community members without gray hair are Georgetown students. Said male discussed the intricate details of construction project. “The proportion of the windows on that photo look odd,” said one woman. Vox translates this as “Don’t make my neighborhood ugly. Please and thanks.”

The monotonous tones of the neighborhood males with construction proposals are making Vox wish she was back in her 3 hour lecture because it would be more exciting than the past hour and 15 minutes have been. Someone please crack a joke.

Update: Trevor and Omika have left.

Georgetown to become more sporty than ever?
The closed Serendipity building is getting a makeover—reconstruction for a retailer. They are talking about a rooftop terrace, and Vox is hoping this translates to a rooftop bar…?! (Although she is quite skeptical how many other people at the meeting would also be down with that.) The construction should be done by the end of 2016.

Update: It is likely that it will be the Under Armour Retail. Georgetown is super sporty as per usual.

Update: 7:53 p.m. Reed eats a tic tac.

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  1. If you’re going to cover it, at least act like you care.

  2. sorry not everyone shares your enthusiasm for unproductive construction meetings

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