Twuesday Tweetacular: Super Bowl shenanigans

Actually, if Vox isn’t mistaken, Hoyas were up to something on Sunday night. Not just waiting around for the next Georgetown basketball game, but sitting around in the Heal Fam watching rather large men fight it out for a win, aka, the Super Bowl.

Seeing that Hoyas do not have a rather grandiose football culture, Vox guesses that Georgetown Program Board simply underestimated the number of true football fans that would be coming out for their programming. Quite frankly, Hoyas were probably there for these free Georgetown cupcakes as much as for the game, but that didn’t really work out.

Vox was just impressed that Katy Perry managed to pull off a strikingly Hunger Games-like approach to the halftime show. So was this guy. We were hoping for a show that intense for Hoya Madness, but we got this guy instead.

And with all of the GUSA pressure winding up and the scent of voter apathy in the air, our alumnus here had some thoughts on the distant 2016 presidential election (and Romney’s statement that he wouldn’t be running.)

Though he surely was not the only one thinking such thoughts.

Nor can the rest of those awesome people with the flu in your IR lecture, Jordan.

Have a Tweetacular Twuesday!

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