D.C. Uber drivers petition for tips through app

D.C. Uber driver Peter Faris is petitioning for the company to allow customers to tip through the Uber app. According to DCist, Faris is an Uber vet—he has driven with the company for two and a half years.

Faris hopes to earn 10,000 signatures on his petition to gain the attention of Uber CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick. Currently, Uber drivers, unlike drivers for Lyft and Sidecar, are not able to accept tips electronically.

In the petition, Faris argues that since most drivers have Uber as their only source of income, it makes sense that riders should have the ability to tip electronically, the same way they pay.

“Tipping is customary in the transportation service sector. As many riders no longer carry cash, a tipping feature integrated into the app (perhaps offered as an option when the rider rates the driver) would benefit drivers by adding to their earnings and job satisfaction,” said Faris.

The company charges through an online service where few customers would think to include a cash tip. Uber taxi drivers have an automatic tip of 20% included in their fee for riders when paired with UberTAXI—the two hold a partnership. For drivers of UberX, UberSUV, and UberBlack, however, there is no way for customers to leave a tip by method of digital payment.

Faris currently has 12,043 signatures (Feb. 10, 10:21 am).

Photo: Joakim Formo via Flickr

4 Comments on “D.C. Uber drivers petition for tips through app

  1. This is why Uber became popular, it is a cheaper alternative to a taxi. tipping would put the two on par with one another in regards to price. I would be strongly opposed to this. Uber drivers are paid by the hour in addition to such things as surge prices, etc. Taxi drivers rely on a tip as their wages are lower to begin with.

  2. “This is why Uber became popular, it is a cheaper alternative to a taxi. tipping would put the two on par with one another in regards to price.”


    Taxi IAD to Union station 73.77 + tip ($88)

    Uber $55

    yeah… right on par.

  3. Drivers ARE NOT PAID BY THE HOUR, with actual rates, naïve drivers are paying uber to driver people to their destinations, since they haven’t realize their long term costs. Cheap people likes cheap rides at the expense of the drivers. If people get a free ride better for them, they don’t care where that came from, but cheap rides from uber drivers are being subsidized by the driver, many of them don’t know yet, until they get in an accident, a mayor repair or having to replace their quickly aging cars. Don’t assume what you don’t know.

  4. I’m a UberX/XL driver in Chicago with a 4.9 rating. Roughly 5% of my riders offer a cash gratuity, mostly from people who are new to Uber. Riders who have used Uber for a while typically wouldn’t think of it. What kills me is when bartenders/servers and their patrons go home at 4 am and I drive them 7 miles in Chicago streets and the fare is $9.00 (I get roughly $5 after safe ride fee, Chicago tax, and Uber’s cut) after a 20 minute ride (after they just paid $6 for Miller Lites and made big bucks on tips that they expect from their customers). Take out $2 for the gas I burned, I just made $3.

    People have no problem putting a buck in the Starbucks cube for having someone pour them a cup of coffee, they should have an extra couple of bucks for having someone drive them safely.

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