Twuesday Tweetacular: Grammy awards and valentines (what rhymes with awards?)

Welcome to this week’s addition of Twuesday Tweetacular.

Last night, a small cohort of musicians gathered in LA and, in the process, blew up Twitter with GIFs, memes, and jokes galore. Amongst all of the fun, Vox’s favorite moment was certainly the outspoken Kanye West climbing on stage (a la 2009 Kanye) when Beck won the award for best album (shoutout Evan Chernak (SFS ’17) for reminding me). Although he actually practiced self-restraint in this case, the reaction of Jay-Z was still well worth it.

Other highlights from the Grammy Awards included Iggy Azalea’s hair, Rihanna’s dress, and Kim’s bathrobe attire. Oh, and this happened:

Don’t worry Taylor, Vox has got your back. You keep doing you.

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, chocolate lines the shelves of CVS, and Twitter is having a field day. Although only 3 Valentine’s Day cards are pictured here, the limit of cards on Twitter does not exist. 

Vox knows how you feel Morgan (well, sort of…). Hopefully this will cheer you up (and all our readers who just want a puppy):

In conclusion:

Sorry, but Vox simply couldn’t resist one more, especially not a Kanye joke. Happy Valentine’s Day, and have a Tweetacular Twuesday!

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