Club sports athletes petition for Athletic Training Program

In an effort to receive a more stable source of funding for the Georgetown’s Club Sports athletic training program, student club athlete-advocates have created a petition to appeal to GUSA’s Finance and Appropriations committee.

The goal of the current petition is to provide enough funding to continue the program—as it currently stands—for another year. The long term goal of the board is to receive enough funding to enable access to an athletic trainer for all tiers of club sports and create a community-wide resource.

In an interview with Vox, Cooper Joy (COL ’15), one of the Men’s Ultimate Frisbee club athletes and Chair of the Club Sports advisory board said, “The goal is to secure GUSA funding for the program because currently the board is funding the program from its reserve account.” In the long term, he says, this cannot be considered a sustainable source of funding.

Currently, the Club Sports program has access to athletic trainer Katharine Gray, who is technically considered an employee through student affairs. All officially recognized club sports teams have “base access” to her services according to tiered system, which is divided based on how risky each sport is.

The highest tier (tier one) has access to Gray’s services at their games and practices; the middle tier (tier two) receives access to her services at their games, but not practices; and the lowest tier (tier three) has the option of hiring her for competitions.

Gray’s services that all are accesible for all club athletes include medical kits, injury prevention seminars, and an association with the student health center that provides prioritized access to Sports Medicine specialist Dr. Mullner.

“There has been interest across all teams that we have talked to,” Joy said. “We are using this petition to show GUSA how much support there is among students for a club sports athletic trainer program.”

Although the petition has not yet been fully publicized, it is a continual process. If you are a student athlete interested in signing the petition and helping the club sports program improve its funding for this program, all you will have to sign away is your name and net ID.

Vox thinks she could handle that. You find the petition here.

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