Happy Singles’ Awareness Day: Top things to do with yourself

While Georgetown might be ranked number 10 in top colleges to get laid, that might be cause people here aren’t necessarily the type to date. As a single lady, here’s Vox’s guide to celebrate Singles’ Awareness Day… I mean Valentine’s Day.

Reconnect with the only men that matterVox might not be dating anyone, but she does happen to have two special guys her in life and their names are Ben and Jerry. If you eat enough, you will actually feel like you have a physical and loving connection with these super fine men.

Make fun of people actually celebrating Valentine’s Day. Georgetown is a place for single people. Why should we have a day that the minority of the university in relationships gets to have fun. If you see a couple holding hands or engaging in excessive amounts of PDA, feel free to obnoxiously laugh or drop a “Get a room.” 

Movies. Just movies. Watch lots of movies, particularly not rom coms. Vox recommends extremely violent blood curdling movies or even taking a 180 and going back to December during Christmas season. Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like some Buddy the Elf. Celebrate the inclusive holidays that really matter.

BeyonceLots and lots of BeyonceVox is all about feeling empowered at all times. On a particular day when a lot of the female population might not, listen to the one lady that reminds everyone who runs the world. Nothing like feeling flawless at all times and knowing that if you are a single lady you can put your hands up.

So enjoy your Singles’ Awareness Day. And if you are in a relationship and are actually celebrating Valentine’s Day, here is a message from one of Vox’s favorite ladies.

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