G.U.A.C for Avocado Enthusiasts: Come one, Come all

In an effort to unite the Georgetown community in its love for all things punny, avocado enthusiasts Courtney Klein (SFS ’16) Keaton O’Neil (COL ’16) have banded together to create the first and only of its kind: Georgetown University Avocado Club (G.U.A.C.)


Klein and O’Neil make the perfect co-presidents. While Klein represents the passion and love for avocados, O’Neil is the mastermind behind the puns for the club.

“I’ve always loved avocados. I’m an avocado enthusiast. In our friend group, I’m the one who wants everything avocado,” Klein said. “It’s one of my spirit animals… I guess my spirit vegetable.”

O’Neil, on the other hand, has a slightly different back-story. “Probably a bit of a shocker, but I actually don’t really eat avocados. I support its journey and I want to see it flourish,” she said.

Though the idea for G.U.A.C originated as a running joke in their freshman dorm room that they used to impress people they met, the club skyrocketed to reality when Klein and O’Neil came back from abroad this semester and decided that they would apply for funding to become an official club. Their mission statement is as follows:

“To bring together guacamole lovers, avocado enthusiasts, and activists interested in the sustainability and safety of the avocado market in a welcoming, passionate, and productive environment. The content-based aims of the club will be twofold: to create awareness and support for the avocado agricultural sector, and to sustain appreciation and creative application of the avocado within the lifestyle of the Georgetown community.”

The club hopes to increase investment in the local avocado sector instead of the avocado industry abroad, which often goes to fund drug cartels in Mexico. “The best way to support is to invest in locally grown avocados, which is more expensive because they can mass produce them in Mexico in ways that they can’t in DC,” O’Neil said.

They also hope to raise awareness and funds through sales of punny T-shirts, and eventually want to take club trips to eat guacamole at Rosa Mexicano and even recruit a real chef to give a guacamole demonstration. “That’s the dream,” Klein said.

The immense popularity in the club sparked by the Facebook event came as a surprise to both Klein and O’Neil, whose high aspirations for the club include the creation of a financial sector, GUACSCU (Georgetown University Avocado Club Sorta Credit Union), GUACAMOLE (Georgetown University Avocado Club Assistant Manager of Leisure Events), and Guac-Swap events, amongst club members.

As Vox bitterly laughed to herself about the competitive nature of Georgetown’s similarly acronym laden clubs (GERMS, GUAFSCU, GUSA), she was pleased to find out that the club is come one, come all. Klein and O’Neil made it quite clear that they accept all people.

“You can love ‘em, you can hate ‘em. You can think it was a recruiting event and stroll in by accident,” ‘O Neil said. “We accept all people.”

Photo: Georgetown University Avocado Club via Facebook

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  1. So are they advocating for avocados or guacamole..? this article is very confusing….

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