Twuesday Tweetacular: Basketball, Bill Clinton, and Bradley Cooper

Gooooood morning, Georgetown! Welcome to Vox’s newest edition of your favorite weekly post, Twuesday Tweetacular! Last night at some arena in some city, a bunch of guy ran up and down a court for 48 minutes to decide who could play less defense. For all our non-basketball fans out there, the highlight of the game was this picture perfect photo taken of Hoya alums Bill Clinton and DikembeNot In My House” Mutombo. And for those NBA fans like myself, you probably enjoyed this:

No words….. Other notable events form the popular NBA weekend were some monster dunks from NBA rookie Zach Lavine and a record breaking performance. Comedian and basketball extraordinaire Kevin Hart surpassed Michael Jordan and tied Kobe Bryant for most NBA All-Star MVP awards.

Vox will admit, he did not watch SNL40 like he should have. Here is the best he could ascertain from what twitter provided.

Wayne’s World, party time, excellent.

All of the Hoya alums were apparently out and about this weekend! This may not be our beloved Bradley Cooper in his recent American Sniper, but Vox can certainly remember some of his more comedic days. You go Bradley!

Valentine’s Day came and went, and this video of Rob Gronkowski hitting on a news anchor sums it up perfectly. And for many, so does this:

To answer the question: maybe, but Vox is guessing that it was totally worth it. In Georgetown news, GUSA elections are around the corner (when are they again?) and the candidates (who are they again?) are making a final push for votes. For those of you who have successfully avoided unfortunately missed the fun of this year’s elections, here is a tweet to catch you up:

And that’s all we have! Thank you for joining us for our featured program, and have a Tweetacular Twuesday!

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