Breaking: Luther and Rohan winners of 2015 GUSA Executive Election

At 1:12 AM, the GUSA Election Commission announced via Twitter that Joe Luther (COL ’16) and Connor Rohan (COL’16) are the winners of the 2015 GUSA Executive Election. This year, 3637 Georgetown students cast their votes on Hoyalink, only falling 60 votes short of 2012.

(Vox would also just like to point out that the order of the candidates’ eliminations exactly followed her ranking of their campaign videos…just sayin’.)

Luther and Rohan remained in the lead all four rounds of the instant runoff voting. In the first round, Luther and Rohan took 1080 of the votes with Chris Wadibia (COl ’16) and Meredith Cheney (COL ’16) taking second with 899. Tim Rosenberger (COL ’16) and Reno Varghese (SFS ’16) finished the first round in last with 154, and were thus eliminated.

Sara Margolis (COL ’16) and Ryan Shymansky (COL ’16) were eliminated in the second, and by the third round, in a surprising turn of events, Abbey McNaughton (COL ’16) and Will Simons (COL ’16) jumped into second place.

Even with the elimination of Wadibia and Cheney, however, this was not enough to boost McNaughton and Simons to first. In the fourth and final round, Luther and Rohan beat McNaughton and Simons 1693 votes to 1434 votes, securing their win as the 2015-2016 GUSA President and Vice President.

The Voice officially endorsed Luther and Rohan on Feb. 12 in last week’s print edition, applauding their commitment to transparency and student advocacy:

At first glance, Luther/Rohan appears to be a joke ticket. Both candidates come from the popular humor publication, the Georgetown Heckler, seemingly destined to be the informed voter’s last choice. Yet, to our own surprise, they possess an earnest desire to bring about change in GUSA. The Voice believes the Luther/Rohan ticket has the capacity to turn student government on its head.

Last Friday, The Hoya also announced their endorsement of Luther and Rohan, and earlier this week, both the Vox and The Hoya polls revealed that they were the favored ticket.

If you happened to miss some of the action, check out Vox‘s live blogging coverage for a play-by-play of the results.

Stay tuned later today for further election coverage and comments from Luther and Rohan on their victory.

Photo: The Georgetown Voice

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