Serving Up: Captain Cookie and the Milkman strike again

Last Friday on freezing Feb. 13, as Vox likes to refer to it, she had the chance to visit the newly opened Captain Cookie and the Milkman. Located in Foggy Bottom, Captain Cookie began as a truck and still has two trucks located at Union Station and the Navy Yard. The newly opened storefront is definitely a plus, the cookies are baked on site.

Initially, the idea of after-dinner cookies seemed great in theory. However, about twenty minutes in the walk from campus to Pennsylvania Ave. where the shop is addressed, Vox wasn’t so sure. However, upon finding the shop, she was reassured. The room was swarming with customers.

The set up was efficient and choices were sufficient-enough so that there would be something for everyone (except those of us who are gluten-free and have to hustle extra for safe treats), but not too many to hold up a line for deliberation.

The menu boasted chocolate chip, vegan chocolate chip, Nutella, ginger molasses, snicker doodle, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin. There is also the option to make a nifty ice cream sandwich out of your cookies—if you’re feeling daring in the winter weather.

Vox‘s companion ordered a chocolate chip cookie that was warm out of the oven and we proceeded to head upstairs to a small lofted table area while he enjoyed his treat (unfortunately Vox was out of luck on the gluten end of things—but no complaints).

The walk back was practically hypothermic, but Vox would say it was worth the trip. So would my cookie monster friend who chomped that chocolate chip cookie like it was nobody’s business.

Vox thinks next time, though, that she would take advantage of the fact that Captain Cookie DELIVERS. Just take a second to think about that cookie-lovers.

Photo via Morgan Hines/The Georgetown Voice

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