The Corp CEO says Compass Coffee a success, take Vox’s poll to say if you agree

Well, it’s happened: as Vox is sure you are well aware by now, the Corp is now serving Compass Coffee at all three coffee services on campus as of Feb. 2.

The Corp finalized the transition just a few weeks ago, during which its various stores had to be closed temporarily for training and equipment purposes (subsequently depriving for Vox of her daily Eleanor Rigby fix at UG—the nerve). Because the switch was made primarily to cater to the interests of the student body, Vox talked to current Corp CEO Marnie Wallach (NHS ’16) about the general student reaction to the change.

Wallach said that overall, the Corp has received an incredible response from the student body as a result of the switch to Compass Coffee. “This was a huge undertaking for The Corp as a company, and it was the result of our desire to serve the best quality product possible to campus,” she said. “Both customers and Corp employees are excited to have such a quality product at our storefronts, and it’s been a great opportunity for us to serve the student body in a concrete way – through quality, local products.”

Started by two Marines-turned-entrepreneurs who were formerly stationed in Afghanistan, Compass Coffee serves as both a brand and a local coffee shop, and is located on 7th street right here in DC.

The business—which was created just last year and imports its beans from countries including Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Brazil—recently formed a partnership with Students of Georgetown, Inc. after the latter received an overwhelming amount of feedback from students requesting a change in the quality of coffee served just last fall.

In short, Vox is pretty thrilled that she can sip her chai latte during her blearly-eyed trek to Saint Mary’s on Tuesday mornings and be contributing to a local DC startup at the same time. But now she wants to hear from you!

[polldaddy poll=8678929]

The poll will close Thursday at midnight, so hurry up and let Vox know your thoughts. (Also shoutout to those who caught the Elf reference.)

Photo: Bex Walton via flickr

2 Comments on “The Corp CEO says Compass Coffee a success, take Vox’s poll to say if you agree

  1. Thank you for the choice of Earl Grey, Vox. Stay classy (not classist).

    xoxo, Lez’hur

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