“Wait, does this mean I can’t rag on the Corp anymore!?”

Students of Georgetown, Inc: you’ve done good.

After nearly 150 people participated in Vox‘s poll this week, it looks like the consensus is that Compass Coffee is actually pretty good. In fact, 60 percent of you agreed that the new coffee is either “good” or at the least “an improvement from before”.

Only 19 percent of you apparently cannot taste (no offense to Mayorga) while 14 percent of you caught on to a reference from Vox‘s favorite Christmas movie.

Lastly, a solid ten respondents have impressively managed to survive Georgetown without falling prey to the caffeinated goodness that is coffee.

In fact, Vox even received a gracious thank you from Lez’hur for providing an alternative:

Thank you for the choice of Earl Grey, Vox. Stay classy (not classist).

xoxo, Lez’hur

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