Obama and Frank Underwood celebrate 200th anniversary of charter

Yesterday Georgetown celebrated the 200th anniversary of its federal charter. On this date, the government allowed Georgetown to officially award academic degrees.

In 1815, Georgetown President Fr. John Grassi, S.J sought out the charter that we still use to this day. As DeGioia put it, “This charter has provided the foundation for our community’s dedication to a breadth of learning experiences, an openness to all students ‘of merit,’ and a deep connection to the ideals of a developing nation and the call for each of us, through education, to become our very best selves.”

Apparently this is a cause for celebration: President Barack Obama even took the time to make a special video to congratulate us on our proud accomplishment.

This is the basic run down of his 52-second heartwarming speech:

Hello Georgetown! As your neighbor I thought I would say hello and congratulate you on the 200th anniversary of your charter.”

“This country and this world benefit from your commitment to Jesuit principles…Georgetown graduates have gone on to serve as president, of this country and other countries.”

“They also go on to do great things, like become basketball crazed senior advisors working down the halls from me”

Happy birthday and Hoya Saxa!”

But more importantly than those kind words from Obama was the shout-out from the other President:

So, Vox encourages all fellow her Hoyas, present and past, to remember this historic day and join in celebration with Obama and, of course, Frank Underwood.

Video: Georgetown University via Youtube

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