Latin American Studies students launch regionally-focused blog

When Andrea Arzaba (MALAS ’16) first applied to the Masters of Latin American Studies program at Georgetown, she noticed that they were lacking an important forum for the exchange and expression of ideas: a student blog.

“As a journalist, I have experience with digital communications, and this is where the idea was born,” said Arzaba. “Later, I reached out to my classmates and some of them were very interested in starting a project.”

The blog, which is aptly titled Transformaciones and published its first post on Feb. 5, now has a board and an editorial staff, of which Arzaba is the Founder and Editor. “We asked MALAS students for name ideas, and a student came up with Transformaciones,” she said. “We all loved it.”

Although the blog’s content is focused on Latin America, all Georgetown students, regardless of academic program or major, are invited to write for the blog. According to Arzaba, the intended audience is students, professors, and anyone else who is interested in the region.

“It is important to give students a space where they can express themselves and what they have learned about the region,” said Arzaba. “In Transformaciones, they can describe their personal experiences. Sometimes we write a lot of academic papers in school, and it is hard to find a place where you can share your internship experience, your opinion about certain topic, or some pictures you took when you were in Bolivia, Mexico or Argentina.”

As a student-run publication, Arzaba believes this forum gives students the freedom and flexibility to express their own opinions as well as to educate their fellow peers. “This way, learning becomes a personal endeavor and every article presents a different issue in Latin America with a unique viewpoint,” she said.

Although Transformaciones was just founded the start of this year, one of the main aims of the blog is sustainability. “Our generation started it, and we will make sure it stays alive for the two years we are here,” Arzaba told Vox. “Next year we will train a new generation of editors, and hopefully it will continue for years after we leave Georgetown.”

Photo: Transformaciones via WordPress

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