Tuesday Tweetacular: Midterms Season is Upon us

It’s Tuesday, Hoyas!

On this final Tuesday before Spring Break, we’re all a little stressed. But simultaneously attempting to balance that with an unhealthy binge watching/discussing House of Cards. This show is so Georgetown, but Vox still hasn’t managed to see it. Only a little left out.

Vox is not exactly sure what the true meaning of this question is, but she guesses it’s the kind of questions that we have all been asking ourselves lately in some weird attempt to procrastinate.

Vox isn’t too concerned about the state of the handles on the cups; she just wants some form of a cup to be available at Leo’s.

Though we’re probably all guilty of obnoxiously having used the phrase “Thanks Obama!” when something has gone wrong, some people are just really, really dedicated to the phrase.

But today, the time has finally come when it’s more appropriate than ever to use the obnoxious slogan. Like really, really appropriate. #ThanksObama

With the recent legalization of marijuana in the District, parts of the U.S. are becoming increasingly concerned about the extremely serious implications of such legalization. Stoned rabbits.

The thought of stoned rabbits hopping around campus is a little disconcerting, but for many Hoyas, maybe not quite as disheartening as the end of a Rhino era.

And finally, here’s a picture of our adorable mascot to make your week a little better and inspire you to SLAY your midterms this week, Hoyas.

Have a Tweetacular Tuesday!

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