Mary Jane is getting around in D.C.—but has she been accepted to Georgetown?

In the D.C. general elections on Nov. 4, the legalization of marijuana (Initiative 71) was voted on with overwhelming support—about 65% of voters were in favor. It took several months for that vote to reach fruition.

Last week, marijuana was officially legalized in the District—under a very specific set of rules to sanction distribution—but on a surprising note, D.C. residents over the age of 21 will have access to twice as much marijuana (2 oz.) than residents of the 23 states that have legalized the drug already.

Despite the city’s excitement regarding the legalization of Mary J, it remains a question to the student population whether or not those enrolled at university have a cause to celebrate.

To answer the wonderings of some of the student body, Rachel Pugh, senior director for strategic communications clarified University policy. “Marijuana possession and use is illegal under federal law and prohibited under Georgetown’s Code of Conduct. A student found in violation, whether off campus or on campus, will be subject to discipline under the Code of Conduct.”

As Georgetown’s policy remains static, so do many policies of neighboring universities. James Constant (COL ’16), Washington City Paper and Georgetown Voice reporter, detailed the state of college policies on weed in the District.

It turns out Mary J isn’t that much of a college gal after all—by the administration’s deliberation, if not her own.

Photo via Flickr: ashley rose

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