Tweetacular Tuesday: National Dog Day Edition?

Good Morning, Hoyas!

In the wake of a Stressful Midterm Week Pre-Break Part 2, yesterday was #nationalpuppyday, so Vox found a few pictures of dogs that might cheer you up.


Not sure if these are dogs or bears but they’re still pretty cute.

But did anyone else notice how Georgetown strategically tweeted pictures of baby Jack the Bulldog and not our beloved, ancient Jack who lives on New South 4? (Vox may or may not have secret insight to the lives of our multiple Jacks.) Of course, they are both cute in their own ways, but Vox sees what you did there, Georgetown.

Also, credit to Georgetown Hoyas for the personalized emoji for Georgetown in March Madness, but maybe a little overboard?

Just kidding. These elaborate emojis are definitely overboard.

And if you’re feeling stressed and down, or if this is not your favorite part of school… Well, you are still probably doing okay.

On that note, have a Tweetacular Twuesday!

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