National Zoo debuts two (adorable) Andean bear cubs

After a stressful week month of midterms, Vox wanted to share a bit of animal adorableness with you on this Monday morning.

This past Saturday, the National Zoo publically debuted two 19-week-old male Andean bear cubs. The two cubs, who were born at the zoo in November, were named Mayni and Munirim after votes from their fans.

The National Zoo partnered with Univision’s ¬°Despierta America! to find names that reflected the bears’ cultural significance to the Aymara and Quechua, which are the two indigenous communities of the bears’ native region. Mayni means “unique” in Aymara, and Muniri means “loving” in the Quechua.

According to the zoo, the two cubs are among just five surviving litters of Andean bears, which are considered a vulnerable species, born in North American zoos in this past decade.

Although this is not quite pandamonium, Vox still thinks these adorable bear cubs warrant a visit.

Video: Associated Press via Youtube

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