Students begin to question new Heckler posts, coup in talks

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Recent articles from the Georgetown Heckler regarding Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson are beginning to raise eyebrows among the student body. 

Since the GUSA election of Joe Luther (COL ’16) and Connor Rohan (COL ’16) and their subsequent departure from the Georgetown Heckler (where they were editor-in-chief and managing editor, respectively), students have been wondering who has taken the reigns of the online humor magazine. 

“I really liked the direction in which Joe and Connor had taken the Heckler,” one student, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, noted. “I guess I was just surprised. My roommate showed it to me and said, ‘Isn’t this so weird?’” 

Yesterday evening, The Hoya blog 4E published an open letter to the Heckler, asking the publication to release the name of their new editor.

Previously, the Heckler had published articles about Olson that reflected unfavorably on him and his office. The persona created dates back to at least 2007, when the Heckler published a piece that falsely credited Todd Olson and mocked the then-standing party registration policy. The following year, the publication endorsed for GUSA president in an article that was explicitly announced to be satire. Only a few weeks ago, the Heckler wrote that Olsen expected students to enter the Leavey building “via propped-open window” in his office. 

Discussion erupted after articles published this week took a pro-Dr. Todd Olson stance. Articles have since decried the student body for being too critical of Olson, attacked the Voice for not including Olson in this year’s fashion issue, and announced that Olson was “once again mistaken for Bradley Cooper.” 

“Yeah, something’s going on,” Rohan said to the Voice. ” We haven’t had any board meetings since Joe and I left and there’s been talk of a coup. Sorry I can’t give you a more detailed statement, I’ve been too busy governing to pay attention.”

Luther defended the posts, telling the Voice, “Sure, I’ve noticed a large amount of Todd Olson stories but I’m sure that the new editor is simply doing what’s best for the Heckler.”

The Georgetown Heckler did not respond to multiple requests for comment. 

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  1. Was this article written by a heckler journalist? Because it reads like it was

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