Tweetacular Tuesday: Fake Laughs, unfair rankings, and unfriendly reminders from the registrar

Aaaand to start us off on this sunny Tuesday, we have a friendly (read: abrasive) reminder from the University Registrar to complete pre-registration for the fall of 2015. Unfortunately, Vox can barely stop sneezing due to the abundance of pollen currently in the spring air, so she’ll pass for now.

Us too, Julius. Unless we’re snackin’ at the Bulldog Tavern, in which case we don’t even expect to be approached by a waiter for a minimum of 20 minutes.

…Seven? SEVEN?! We have three words for you, How dare you.

No worries, Hoyas. When we saw this, we freaked out too. Luckily, it’s a joke – but that doesn’t mean that Vox isn’t salty.

In a study done in this article, people thought fake laughs were real “about a third of the time.” Good luck figuring out if your Leo’s date thinks you’re funny… or if those laughs you’re getting are just the result of mere vocal intonations.

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