Twuesday Tweetacular: Obama won’t protect you from bees

Welcome back to the Hilltop, fellow Hoyas. Vox hopes that you spent your break eating one a few too many chocolate eggs (oops?)—and then subsequently sleeping off the food coma. With spring in the air and school increasingly becoming an afterthought, here are some interesting things to consider from your friends on the Twitter-sphere to help you survive the last three weeks of classes:

Oh, cruel, cruel Starbucks gods…what a travesty. How dare you expose the average coffee-drinking plebeians to the bourgey goodness of my Apple Pie a la mode frappaccino!

Angie Goff, the Georgetown student body feels you. But at least now people can buy new jackets to replace all the ones they lost this past winter at Rhino.

Great, Vox has been patiently waiting for this awful trend to die so she could break out the real sensible shoe.

Wait…so the President can’t even protect us from stinging insects? Because Vox is pretty sure bees are an issue of national security. Ugh, thanks Obama.

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