HoliDC: Spring-filled fun (and a prime photo op to boot)

Spring is here, and even though Vox has been sniffling and sneezing to no end due to DC’s endless supply of pollen that is funneled into her nostrils the second she steps foot out the door, she’s still pretty psyched.

Not only because of sundresses, pretty weather, and the fact that classes are coming to an end—but also because of all of the cool events going on in the District, one of which is HoliDC.

A celebration with origins in an ancient Hindu festival, HoliDC is an annual festival of colors sponsored by non-profit organization ISKCON of DC that takes place in Potomac, Maryland, about half an hour outside of the city.

Described as a festival “celebrating love – and the power of love to bring all good things into our lives,” the event will take place on April 11th and 12th from 11 PM to 4 PM.

In addition to plenty of color-soaked fun for everyone, in which attendees buy packs of colored powder then release them into the air all at once, creating—let’s face it—a prime photo op, the event will feature a number of live bands, such as musical project Guara Vani as well as a number of other DC-based bands. There will also be food and other merchandise for sale, with just five dollars buying you a full Indian meal.

Simply put, Vox will be there with bells on. Admission to the event is free for everyone, and there are no age restrictions; just make sure you register for the event online before you go and bring at least 5 dollars to buy a pack of colors to release into the air during the festival.

Oh, and wear white, so you can take enough #basic before and after pictures when you get covered in colored powder, ya feel?

Photo: HoliDC 2015 via Facebook

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