Luther and Rohan’s Cabinet aims to bring some new blood to GUSA

On Sunday, the GUSA Senate confirmed a new Cabinet chosen by executives Joe Luther (COL ’16) and Connor Rohan (COL ’16). As they pledged to bring new blood to GUSA through a meticulous application process, the new Cabinet promises to be an interesting blend of campus figures. Vox wanted to examine just how the new Prez and VP chose their alleged superstars.

“It seems to me to be a good mix of both GUSA ‘insiders’ and outsiders’,” wrote Secretary of Mission and Ministry Max Rosner. “I am one of the outsiders. I believe what makes me qualified for the position is not only my experience with the religious community on campus, but also my leadership ability.”

Secretary of Athletic Affairs Gigi Grimes (MSB ’18) also compliments the executives’ selection process.

“The application focused on really tangible, achievable ideas that could be put into action and were already thought out,” Grimes said. “Because they’re new to GUSA, they’re open to any and all ideas or suggestions, which makes the environment very open and inclusive.”

The Senate members serve as liaisons between GUSA and specific sectors on campus. Luther and Rohan tried to pick experts in each of the areas the Cabinet addresses.

Secretary of Student Health Chantal Durgrana (NHS ’17) wrote, “[Student health] is something that I am very passionate about and enjoy talking about, so the application process for me was a means to share my passion with Joe and Connor.”

While GUSA members espouse student activism and outreach, the new administration seems endowed with a healthy dose of perspective.

“As a large bureaucracy, the University will inevitably exclude people from its mission, and I hope that in my role I will be able to include them,” wrote Secretary of Social Justice and the Revolution Dan Zager (COL ’18). “As for the Cabinet as a whole, I will not comment on any individuals or on the Cabinet culture. However, I will say that I think the biggest shortcoming will be the fact that student power isn’t real; it’s just an illusion.”

We’ll just have to wait and see just how new this GUSA blood is.

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