National Building Museum gets an indoor beach

For as long as human civilization has existed, it has been plagued with the age-old question: how does one go to the beach without leaving the comfort of an air-conditioned building? Have no fear, for Vox has the answer: an indoor beach.

That’s right, Hoyas. This summer you can tan in comfort without all of that pesky sweating because the National Building Museum is on schedule to open a beach in its Great Hall this summer.

The BEACH, as the project is titled, will feature an “ocean” composed of nearly one million clear recyclable plastic balls to make the ultimate water/ball pit crossover experience.

The entirety of the beach will be clad in white with monochromatic beach chairs, umbrellas, and even a pier, and wall mirrors will create the appearance of an endless shoreline for visitors to enjoy as they “swim” in the ocean or lounge on the shore. There will also be refreshments from the snack bar, which will be operated through a partnership with Union Kitchen, a DC-based food incubator.

The National Building Museum has presented the public with similarly fun expositions in the past, such as the giant indoor maze that was constructed last summer. This particular exhibit is also a part of the Museum’s annual “Summer Block Party,” which will provide a whole slew of events and exhibitions.

BEACH opens July 4, 2015 and will run until September 7, 2015, so Vox suggests you start working on that beach body right away in preparation.

Ticket sales will begin on the National Building Museum’s website on June 13, and the price will be $10 for adult members ($5 for youth members/students/seniors) and $13 for adult non-members ($13 for youth members/students/seniors).

Photo: National Building Museum via

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