Welcome Week will be revamped into six “Weeks of Welcome”

Starting next fall, Hoyas returning to the Hilltop from summer vacation should expect to receive six times the welcome: what was previously known as Welcome Week will be expanded into Georgetown Weeks of Welcome (GWOW).

Program coordinators Christina O’Brien (MSB ’17) and James McGrath (COL ’17) are building upon the prior structure of Welcome Week, but instead of having one single frenzied week of activities, GWOW will include six weeks of interactive events.

“We felt that there was a lot of room to grow for this program and we now hope to expand GWOW events from the end of NSO to Homecoming in mid October,” McGrath said.

The new six-week program will work to forge partnerships with various campus groups to help fund and promote events that already existed as well as establish new ones.

“The events that everyone is familiar with—Welcome Back Jack Barbeque, Kickback, Community Service Day and Club Lau, of course—will still be a huge part of GWOW,” O’Brien told Vox. (Thank God—Vox was getting nervous that they would deprive her of the magical opportunity to rave amongst the cubicles again.) “This year, however, we are incorporating a food festival, faculty lectures and lunches, interactive events highlighting diversity, and additional social justice initiatives to make GWOW unforgettable.”

Another major change includes the addition of Welcome Ambassador positions, which are open to all students. “We are especially excited about these new positions because we will be accepting anyone who wants to work with us and will be giving students an opportunity to gain valuable experience in event planning, fundraising and marketing, as well as giving them an opportunity to give back to the Georgetown Community,” McGrath said.

According to O’Brien, the theme of GWOW is all about getting the momentum going on the Hilltop from the start of the semester. “Many people have commented, “Why gears?” in regards to our logo,” she said. “Here’s why: GWOW takes place during an imperative transition time during the first six weeks of the academic year. This is when the gears are set in motion to start a new, successful year.”

She explained that the gears are also representative of the connectivity and interrelation between various components of the Georgetown community.

“Through our eight core values (Academics & Research, Arts & Entertainment, Campus Connection, Cultural & Diversity, Health & Wellness, Social Justice & Service, Sports & Athletics, Spiritual & Religious), GWOW connects the most important parts of Georgetown’s culture to promote its unique values and drive engagement,” O’Brien said. “The gears work together to create a strong and growing Hoya family.”

Photo: Georgetown Weeks of Welcome via Facebook

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