Tuesday Tweetacular: Campagin Edition, Pt. 1

In honor of the recent announcements made by both Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio regarding their entrance into the presidential race, Vox decided to scour the web for the most amusing, campaign-related tweets. Please enjoy with a grain of salt, as Vox knows how seriously you Hoyas take this whole future president of America stuff.

Aaaaaand it begins.

Vox is excited for the upcoming campaign, but the catty political remarks she could do without.

Who are we kidding? These are fabulous.

Ah, to walk into a chain-restaurant in a pair of glasses and go completely unnoticed. Vox wishes she had that problem. *Flips hair*

Hmmm…not quite. Vox does, however, concede that Mark Ruffalo is a beautiful specimen.

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