Debate over debaters: Philodemic loses its place in the SAC budget

Last Tuesday, the Student Activities Commission (SAC) voted to place the Philodemic Society into Restoration and ban its travel for the 2016 fiscal year. Restoration means that Philodemic will not receive a budget at SAC’s budget summit but can request funding on an ad hoc basis during the semester.

According to SAC Chair Connor Maytnier (COL ’17), the decision was the result of a policy violation. “[The Philodemic Society] violated policies related to event approval, travel approval, and honesty,” Maytnier wrote in an email to the Voice.

Although SAC exists to help student organizations meet their goals and respects the diversity of different group’s desires, policy seems to have mandated that they cut a student organization dry. Or relatively dry.

Losing automatic funding poses huge inconveniences on an organization. The Philodemic Society has traditionally had a lot of active members and social programming; it also relies on funds from SAC to pay for the rented chairs for their weekly debates.

“After both SAC leadership and the entire Commission met with the Philodemic Society’s leadership, we determined that these sanctions were both fair and necessary, and will ensure that the organization can be successful in years to come,” wrote Maytnier.

Some organizations on campus, particularly ones that require transportation and equipment, would not be able to function without a place in SAC’s budget. The Philodemic Society, however, may prove resilient.

“Being placed in Restoration will affect the way we function on a very regular basis. I am convinced, though, that the Society will make it through this difficult time. This is an incredibly unfortunate situation but the Society will be putting its best foot forward as we move on,” wrote the Vice President of the Philodemic Society Asha Thanki (SFS ’16).

The event serves as a warning call to clubs to make sure they don’t forget their sugar daddy.

Check back tomorrow with the print section of the Voice for the full story.

Photo: Philodemic Society of Georgetown University via Facebook

One Comment on “Debate over debaters: Philodemic loses its place in the SAC budget

  1. Why are you mad at SAC? Philodemic didn’t adhere to the rules (that are clearly laid out at club training), therefore they were disciplined. Seems pretty fair to me.

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