Native American Student Council to host 3rd Annual Pow Wow

Vox expects you to be prepared to drum, dance, and sing as the Native American Student Council (NASC) hosts its third annual Pow Wow this Saturday on Copley lawn from 12:00 to 5:30 pm.

For those of you who may not know exactly what a pow wow is, Vox spoke with NASC member Gaby Walker (COL ’17) to get more details about the event. “A pow wow is a gathering of people where dancing, singing and socializing occurs to honor the Native American culture,” Walked explained in the interview.

Walker has been to pow wows in many states throughout her life, including California, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and now in the DMV area. She recalled attending her first pow wow in Orange County where she learned how to weave baskets and was in awe of the dancers and their magnificent costumes.

She and the other members of NASC are trying to recreate this experience on Georgetown’s campus and will incorporate many traditional elements of pow wows, including dancers, Native jewelry, and food.

Through this event, NASC hopes to educate Georgetown students about the rich culture of Native Americans. “I think it is important to hold this cultural event such as the Pow Wow because there is so much that is unknown about Native Americans and cultural events that mean so much to us, such as pow wows,” Walker told Vox.

Walker believes that there is a lot more to this culture than is seen on television. She explained that the Native American people are very connected to the earth and are also a welcoming and community. “I was at a pow wow this past summer in New Mexico and although this specific gathering was small I felt such a sense of community and such a sense of being welcomed in when the dancers allowed me to dance with them,” she said.

The pow wow is is not the only event NASC puts on; they hold various cultural and bonding events for students and other Native American groups throughout the year. Last weekend, they had a hiking event with the Native American group at American University. They also co-sponsor events on campus. Earlier this semester they held a discussion on the health disparities within minority communities.

“Additionally we cosponsored an event just a few weeks ago with the Georgetown University Environmental Initiative for the environmental symposium ‘Natures Wake’ where we brought a Native activist, Winona LaDuke, to Georgetown,” Walked told Vox. This was a monumental occasion considering it was the first time a Native American speaker had been brought to Georgetown.

Photo: via Whitney Dockrey

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