This Week in the Voice: Stop Emailing Vox About Course Evaluations

As the semester comes to a close and the the influx of course evaluation emails delve into our inboxes, in this week’s feature, news editor Lara Fishbane explores the effects of anonymous Course Evaluations and finds out what professors actually do with them after the registrar seizes to send those endless emails.

“I WANT YOU,” reads a long-forgotten sign that still remains affixed to the wall of a Car Barn classroom. This sign, and many others like it, are the last remnants of the Office of the Registrar’s campaign in the fall semester to increase the response rate of student course evaluations.

Although these and other humorous signs, along with advertising efforts, have been successful in raising the number of students who submit course evaluations, they do not inform students of what happens after they press submit.

In News, a group of around 50 students gathered at a sit-in outside of the office of President DeGoia to present a petition in support of a new Diverstiy addition to the curriculum.

Leisure explores the Georgetown Concert Choir, the group that occupies the fairly unknown McNeir Auditorium every Monday and Wednesday with their beautiful voices.

In Sports, the Georgetown men’s baseball team is ready for a home game after winning two out of the last three games against Villanova.

In Voices, Rachel Anderson discusses disability access at Georgetown, while struggling in Henle with a broken leg.

Page 13 makes Vox question ever going to dinner with Chester Gillis.

And lastly, The Editorial Board addresses the lack of appeal for School of Foreign Service graduates to enter into the public sector.

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