Rally by Official Street Preachers emerges ahead of Westboro Baptist Church picket

Update 2:38 p.m.: The Official Street Preachers regrouped at the front gates after being escorted off of Red Square. According to one member of the Official Street Preachers, the group “had no idea” there was a protest planned by the Westboro Baptist Church.

They left campus before 3 p.m. in order to avoid the WBC protest. The OSP member called the WBC a “fake Christian group.”

Students were gathered around the OSP in counter-protest. Some held signs that read “I support equality” and “Hoyas for Others.” Various members of GUPride and the LGBTQIA community at Georgetown wore “I Am” shirts. Students are expected to gather in greater numbers for the WBC counter-protest.

Original post: The Official Street Preachers were picketing on Red Square this afternoon, just hours before the planned start of a protest by the Westboro Baptist Church. They were escorted off campus by the Department of Public Safety.

Come back later today for more information and coverage of the Westboro Baptist Church protest and counter-protest.

Additional reporting by Joshua Ward

Photo: Joshua Ward/The Georgetown Voice

5 Comments on “Rally by Official Street Preachers emerges ahead of Westboro Baptist Church picket

  1. “Official” and “Street” are kind of mutually exclusive. Their name is an oxymoron, which I guess is only fitting, since they are all actual morons.


    All you have to do is have the right beliefs to be part of the LGBT community now?? I know you add more letters to cover your ass but come onnnn.

  3. I wish the Voice still published things.

  4. ^ seconded

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