Global Business Fellows Program and SFS major officially become a part of Georgetown

Provost Robert Groves emailed students last week notifying them of the launch of the Global Business Fellows and Global Business major, the latter to be housed in the School of Foreign Service. The Global Business Fellows Program will be by application for students in both the McDonough School of Business and the SFS. Two gifts totaling $10 million made the programs possible. 

This past spring, both programs were available to sophomores by application. Thirty students were admitted to the fellows program and 15 were admitted to the major. Of those student, 10 were accepted to both the major and the fellows program. Students may continue to apply to the fellows program. SFS sophomores may choose the global business major by standard declaration procedure.

Morgan Kennedy, who was accepted to both the fellows program an major earlier this year, has had a positive experience in both so far. “I have felt absolutely supported by my deans throughout the process,” she wrote in an emila to Vox.  “The deans in the SFS are uniquely helpful, but the deans, who have assisted in the Global Business Fellows Program and major, go above and beyond to assist us.”

Speaking to the differences between the the fellowship and major she said, “The Fellows Program builds on the interdisciplinary and real-world focus on the major by emphasizing relationships with leaders in the business fields and allowing fellows options to apply their skills in various projects. … The combination of interdisciplinary studies, real-world skills, and intellectual breath is everything I could ask for.”

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