Tomorrow’s Campus Plan Hearing: What to Expect

Tomorrow is the culmination of the approval process for Georgetown’s 2010-2020 campus plan. Or, at least it’s supposed to be the finale, but there is a good chance the plan will be dragged to court by one party of… Read More

ANC2E and BCA/CAG file more compaints against the Campus Plan

This week, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission[PDF] and the Burleith Citizens Association/Citizen’s Association of Georgetown[PDF] filed their final responses to the University’s latest appeasement efforts with the Zoning Commission. And nothing’s changed. All three organizations want all students on campus,… Read More

President DeGioia asks “friends” of Georgetown to support the Campus Plan

Earlier today, University President Jack DeGioia sent out an email addressed to “Friends,” asking them (well, us) for support on the much-disputed Georgetown Campus Plan. After reminding his readers that the Campus Plan’s final hearing is on November… Read More

CAG chastises WaPo’s support of Campus Plan via strongly-worded letter

Earlier this week, when the Washington Post‘s editorial board got in the University’s corner for the battle royale that is “D.C. vs. Georgetown,” pretty much everybody anticipated that our friendly neighbors would be less than thrilled with this… Read More

WaPo has Georgetown’s back on Campus Plan

Yesterday, the Editorial Board of the Washington Post came out in support of Georgetown University in the ongoing Campus Plan hearings. Pitching the struggle between the University and its neighbors as a crisis of urban planning, WaPo asks… Read More

Breaking: the neighbors oppose the Campus Pla… oh wait, nevermind

In a recent joint press release by the Burleith Citizens Association and the Citizens Association of Georgetown, respective presidents Lenore Rubino and Jennifer Altemus remind whomever is listening that they do not like students in their neighborhoods. It’s nice… Read More

ANC Wrapup: Mayor Gray and Cold (Curb) Cuts

Last night’s ANC2E meeting had a higher attendance than was usual, due to a visit by D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray. “We’ve had a standing invitation for months,” said Commissioner Ron Lewis, and it happened that last night’s meeting fit Gray’s schedule…. Read More

Loop road taken out of Campus Plan

On Monday, Georgetown University announced it was removing its request in the 2010 Campus Plan for a loop road along the western edge of campus, and is instead opting for a turn-around for GUTS buses in the center… Read More

Phil Mendelson urges Zoning Commission to oppose the Campus Plan

Friday, At large Council-member Phil Mendelson (yes the same one who says the current redistricting plan is discriminatory) filed a letter to the Zoning Commission opposing the 2010 campus plan. He further writes that he is in agreement… Read More

M Street Shuttle: SafeRides or Sudetenlands?

This weekend, Georgetown debuted a new late-night shuttle from the front gates to the M Street corridor. Although ostensibly part of SafeRides, the shuttle was also promised by the University as part of the 2010 Campus Plan discussions. … Read More