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Trevor and Omika hold large lead in Vox’s straw poll, Chicken Madness a contender

Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Omika Jikaria‘s (SFS ’15) ticket have taken a strong lead in Vox‘s GUSA election straw poll, beating Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15) and Jimmy Ramirez (COL ’15) by 17 percent. Five hundred and thirty-six people voted in the straw poll…. Read More


Fact Checkers: Singer and Silkman attempt to fight for students’ rights

In this fourth and final installment of the GUSA Fact Checkers series, Vox trains its worldly eye on the last pair of executive candidates, Zach Singer (SFS ’15) and Dan Silkman (COL ’15). Their platform is divided into… Read More


GUSA presidential debate sparks heated discussion and sassy commentary

The 2014 GUSA Presidential Debate commenced Sunday night with candidates Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15), Zach Singer (SFS ’15), Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15), and Ben Weiss (COL ’15) standing behind music stands that held their prepared statements. Vox noted the candidates looked rather like a barbershop quartet,… Read More