DeGioia gives update on diversity, inclusiveness initiatives

In an email sent to the Georgetown community on Tuesday, President John DeGioia and Provost James O’Donnell gave some updates about the University’s Diversity and Inclusiveness Initiative. Last year, faculty, student, and staff working groups recommended a variety… Read More

Georgetown course tops WaPo’s list of oddest in D.C. area

Let’s chalk one up for liberal education, folks. In a recent list of the strangest courses taught at D.C.-area schools, the Georgetown’s “Philosophy 194: Hallucinating” took the number one spot. Taught by Dr. James Mattingly, the course asks some… Read More

GU professors incorporate Wikipedia into syllabi

Remember when professors began telling us we couldn’t use Wikipedia as a source for research? How many times has your class collectively groaned when someone asked if it was a legitimate source? The folks over at Wikipedia have… Read More

School of Foreign Service eliminated trans-state actors concentration from IPOL

The Georgetown University School of Foreign Services’s International Politics program will no longer offer trans-state actors as an IPOL concentration, according to an e-mail that Dean Bryan Kasper of the SFS sent to IPOL majors. The change, Kasper… Read More

Georgetown creating joint biomedical program with George Mason

Georgetown and George Mason University will be starting a joint biomedical program next year, according to the Washington Post. The program—cutely called “George Squared”—will offer a one-year certificate program and a masters program in biomedical sciences. According to… Read More

SFS creating panel to review Map of the Modern World changes

When the School of Foreign Service decided to change the Map of the Modern World curriculum and replace professor Keith Hrebenak with former SFS-Qatar Dean James Reardon-Anderson, SFSers weren’t too happy about it.  The SFS Academic Council heard… Read More

Christopher Columbus was Catalan-speaking Jew, Georgetown professor claims

You learn a fair amount about Christopher Columbus and how he sailed the ocean blue in 1492 in elementary school, but now one Georgetown professor has a new theory about everyone’s favorite destroyer of indigenous populations: he was… Read More

SFSers protest new Map of the Modern World changes

Bring back the old Map! As we reported yesterday, the School of Foreign Service institution, Map of the Modern World, is undergoing major changes this year.  Turns out SFSers aren’t taking too kindly to the alterations. They’ve started… Read More

SFS revamps Map of the Modern World curriculum, Hrebenak out as teacher

All you will need to know to pass the new Map of the Modern World course Map of the Modern World, the School of Foreign Service rite of passage, is undergoing significant curricular changes and getting a new… Read More

The results of GUSA’s summer survey

Survey Says… GUSA has compiled the results of their “Omnibus Student Survey,” the summer survey which polled the student body on everything from GUSA’s structure, student diversity, and GUTS buses, to student safety, academics, and the free newspaper program… Read More