MPD: Gangs, gangs everywhere, except for Georgetown

Last week, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier and D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles jointly testified before Councilmember Phil Mendelson’s (D – At Large) Judiciary Committee on the “Omnibus Anti-Crime Amendment Act of 2009” and the “Public Safety… Read More

Mayor Fenty, dementor

Delicious Washingtonian has a great profile on DC’s new mayor-for-life (knock on wood) Adrian Fenty. He’s basically incredible: running laps before dawn, then bouncing around town with his head sticking out of his Smart car. How does Fenty… Read More

Mayor Fenty’s own intern scandal

The mayor’s interns have a blog that he likes so much it’s linked on his office’s front page. Most of the stuff is general earnest “government helps people!” boosterism, but you have to see the interns’ terrible ideas… Read More

Fenty protects us from commuters

It’s just as we pedestrians suspected all along. All those caffeinated attorneys and government drones in Volvos are out to get us–and not just with lawsuits and taxes. They’re using their cars, and Mayor Fenty’s fighting back with… Read More

Fenty purges anti-meter taxi commissioners

Mayor Fenty quashes dissent and looks good doing it. He never forgot that a 4-4 vote last year in the DC Taxi Cab Commission briefly stopped his meter plans, and now he’s settling scores, replacing three of the… Read More

New Fenty on the way

Mayor Fenty’s wife Michelle is pregnant with their third child. Comments at the Post’s blog, DC Wire, were  tasteless: Congratulations! So, is this an oops baby? [Not meant to be disparaging. A close friend of mine had an… Read More

Yo, Adrian!

Along with the basketball royalty on hand for the Hoyas’ 100th birthday celebration (Phil Perry explained why it’s not the 100th anniversary), savvy fans might have noticed D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty seeing and being seen, particularly in front… Read More

Fenty provides a steamy hotline for D.C. fans

A Fenty official bragged recently at the Advisory Neighborhood Commission about the mayor’s new city call number, 202-727-1000. It’s unclear why this is better than DC’s standard 311 call system, but one thing is sure—calling the number is… Read More

Political Stars: They’re just like us

They say D.C. is the Hollywood for ugly people, so if you’re sick of gazing at the pulchritude in US Weekly while you work out at Yates, try looking around the gym instead for some political heavyweights. Adrian… Read More

Unblinking, hydrocephalic mayor introduces children to Washington

Annexing a school district is nothing for new DC mayor Adrian Fenty, and he doesn’t have to tell anyone how much he blew on his inaugural ball. But has he been immortalized in an off-putting cartoon version of… Read More