Georgetown’s drug and alcohol policies receive a B

While Georgetown may be rated A+ in the recruitment of beautiful overachievers, its grade for campus policies regarding drugs and alcohol is not quite up to par. Georgetown was assessed by Sensible Students for Drug Policy (SSDP), an… Read More

Breaking: GUSA announces change in open container policy

Congratulations, Henle and Village A—you’re now part of a test program to see if students really can “enjoy responsibly.” As of this week, the open container policy has been changed to allow open containers in the publicly shared… Read More

FROSH Preview: #GeorgetownProblems

First off, we’d like to give an official Vox Populi welcome to the Class of 2015, for officially graduating from “pre-frosh” to bona fide freshmen. As you begin your career on the Hilltop, you’re going to notice that,… Read More

Holy Cross demonstrates “Running college pubs: 101″

Students wondering what a revamped Healy Pub open to under-21s could look like might take a look at what Massachusetts’ College of the Holy Cross has done with theirs. The Holy Cross Crusader reports that the college’s Student… Read More

GW tightens alcohol policy, enforces party registration

The George Washington University is cracking down on large parties. After a number Greek-life groups held unregistered parties on campus, the University began to place heavy sanctions on non-compliant organizations. According to the GW Hatchet, the requirement was… Read More

Closing the Pub: Georgetown’s all-time worst idea

Georgetown has spoken. (Er … voted.) Closing Georgetown’s once-upon-a-time, on-campus bar, the Pub, was the worst idea the University has had. Ever! “Revising the alcohol policy” and “selling WGTB’s radio license” finished in second and third place, respectively…. Read More

The Worst Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had: Party edition

For the next couple of weeks, Voice Managing Editor Molly Redden and I will be pitting the University’s most foolish decisions against one another in a feature we’re calling “The Worst Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had.” Today, we discuss two… Read More

The way we were: In 1966, nursing students fight to keep girls’ dorms dry

The GUNS girls would not approve… Editor’s Note: In this week’s cover story, Molly Redden reported on Georgetown’s sordid, besotted past. In her research, she found some interesting insights into Georgetown’s gender relations in the mid-1960s. This week’s… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: News you can use

This week Vox figured we’d give you some sense of institutional history by presenting a primer of the ten most widely-discussed campus news stories from the past couple years. 10. GUSA election debacles GUSA Candidates, pre-squabbling Georgetown’s student… Read More

Hope-ing to engage on the same level

Avid readers of The Washington Post were regaled Wednesday morning by Hope C. Bogorad’s letter to the editor ridiculing student complaints about Georgetown’s new alcohol policies. Besides being based on multiple logical fallacies–most notably, straw man (claiming that… Read More