Class of 2008 leads young alumni in University gifts

We know you’ve all been waiting on the edge of your seats with one question burning deep into the backs of your minds: What recently graduated class raised the most young alumni donations this past year? As of… Read More

Georgetown alum found not guilty in Robert Wone case

Nearly four years after attorney Robert Wone was stabbed to death in his friends’ Dupont Circle townhouse, a judge found the three housemates—including Georgetown alum Dylan Ward (SFS ’92)—not guilty of conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Ward, Joseph… Read More

Shot of Charity partners with Dean & Deluca in Manhattan

Shot of Charity, a nonprofit group founded by three Georgetown grad students, has ventured outside of the District to bring its philanthropic activities to New York City. Watch out, Blair Waldorf! Starting June 21st, customers at the Dean… Read More

Former Georgetown basketball player runs for Congress

Kevin Millen, a former Georgetown men’s basketball player, is running for the Congressional seat in Tennessee’s 9th District. But don’t get excited—Millen’s no Bill Bradley. Millen’s campaign website is rife with vague promises to clean up Memphis’s streets… Read More

Two Georgetown graduates debuted documentaries at Tribeca

No one playing a word association game would think “hotbed for cinematic creativity” if someone said “Georgetown University.” Not that that’s a fair stereotype—even the School of Foreign Service graduated the amazing Carl Reiner (SFS ’43). But whether… Read More

Georgetown Law grad who Craigslisted degree is on a beach somewhere

With finals looming, this is probably the most depressing piece of news that we could have stumbled upon. The Georgetown University Law graduate who was hawking his “piece of shit” law degree for $59,250 on Craigslist back in… Read More

Alum publishing a Georgetown coffee table book that you can give to your children

Georgetown Icons from Georgetown College on Vimeo. Finally, someone has made a coffee table book that will help you repress your memories of Leo’s, Village C, and the Heating and Cooling Plant, and convince dinner guests that you… Read More

Politico hangs out in Fritz Brogan’s new apartment for some reason

Any story about Fritz Brogan (COL ’07)—a big player among the exclusive, conservative, preppy crowd Late Night Shots, who is the quintessential Georgetown man, the Joe Hoya as the Voice once dubbed him—always makes for delightful reading. But… Read More

Would Georgetown graduates really dream this up?

If you weren’t convinced that you can buy absolutely anything on the internet, check out Best Friends For Fake, a website started by two recent Georgetown graduated that will rent you friends so you can make a good… Read More

On the Record: Lavender Graduation speaker Kara Swisher (SFS ’84)

This April for the second year in a row, the Georgetown University LGBTQ Center will hold Lavender Graduation, a ceremony for LGBTQ students and this year, for LGBT alumni. This year’s commencement speaker is Kara Swisher (SFS ’84),… Read More