Attention: You’re attractive and smart

As the unfortunate among us undertake the first round of finals today, it might comfort you to know that at least you’re going to look good while suffering—and no, it’s not all that healthy Leo’s food finally paying… Read More

We Are Georgetown: Final game against American before break

With all the speculation and questions surrounding Georgetown’s departure from the Big East, one thing does remain constant: the No. 15 Hoyas (9-1, 0-0 Big East) will take on one of their crosstown rivals American University (4-7, 0-0… Read More

Should students care when a professor breastfeeds in class?

A mother and professor at American University, Adrienne Pine, never thought feeding her baby would make the headlines. “It wasn’t until some of my undergraduate students saw me feed my baby through my breast that my workplace became… Read More

Commencement speakers: a comparison across D.C. universities

Last week, Georgetown announced the commencement speakers for 2012 graduates. The reaction varied from mostly bored to really angry. The Catholic community continues to boil over Sebelius, but our fellow D.C. schools aren’t as lucky to be handed… Read More

Hoyas blow out American Eagles in the second half, 81-55

Get the flash player here: Photos: Lucia He and Richard J. De La Paz

Postgame Roundup: Hoyas 81, Eagles 55

The Georgetown Hoyas won their seventh straight game today (9-1), taking down American University 81-55 at the Verizon Center.  The Eagles stayed within five points of the Hoyas at halftime, but Georgetown outscored them by 20 in the… Read More

LIVEBLOG: Georgetown vs. American

Georgetown vs. American

“White Student’s Union” fliers were for an American University sociology project

Today in Red Square, two American University students handed out fliers for a “White Student’s Union DC”, provoking angry e-mails and confused tweets from Hoyas. One of the students eventually told the Voice that they were distributing the… Read More

White girl travels east of the river, gets scared, blogs about it

“Being the minority is scary,” muses Marianne Johnson, an American University student that is blogging about her internship experience on an AU-hosted network. Vox thought it had seen the last of disastrously misinformed race commentary in Greater Greater Washington contributor… Read More

Like Georgetown, AU makes last minute campus plan concessions

On Friday, American University submitted last minute revisions [PDF] to its 2010-2020 campus plan before the Zoning Commission, including removing 180 beds from new residence hall [PDF] on its East Campus and eliminating street-facing windows in the new building. East… Read More