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ANC Wrapup: Possible Under Armour store in Georgetown and Reed eats a tic-tac

At last night’s meeting with the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, including fellow Hoyas Kendyl Clausen (SFS ’16) and Reed Howard (SFS ’17), the commissioners discussed 7-11 burglaries, poorly-proportioned windows, and a possible Under Armour retail in place of the… Read More

ANC Wrapup: Georgetown crime increased and fracking possible in D.C.

In a string of robberies occurring in East Georgetown over the past two months, an unidentified male targeted four lone females walking alone at night in separate incidences, according to a Metro Police Department spokesman at Monday’s Advisory… Read More

ANC Wrapup: You shall not pass! Seriously, traffic on Wisconsin is awful

Last night, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E held its monthly meeting in McCarthy Hall. Among other things, the commissioners discussed the annoying traffic on Wisconsin Ave. in Georgetown, commented on the proposed zoning regulation changes of the D.C…. Read More

ANC Wrapup: If there aren’t any more questions…

In Jake Sticka‘s (SFS ’13) last week as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, the ANC held its monthly meeting on the Georgetown University campus in “recognition” of the school, as announced at the last meeting. In the meeting, the… Read More

ANC Wrapup: Recognizing Georgetown’s unsightly boxes

At last night’s meeting with the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, the commissioners focused on the rerouting of the G2 bus, a plan for the “distressing” and unsightly Comcast boxes, and the move of a Wisconsin Avenue Capital Bikeshare station…. Read More

ANC Wrapup: Campus Plan receives stamp of approval

Yesterday evening, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E held a special meeting to consider proposed revisions to the Georgetown Campus Plan. The ANC commissioners in attendance voted unanimously, 6-0, to endorse the revised plan. Then the floor opened up to… Read More

Georgetown ANC Wrapup: Oh, Campus Plan, you’re such a tease

Update (5:00 p.m.): Tomorrow at 2:30 p.m., on P Street and 36th Street NW, Mayor Vince Gray, President John J. DeGioia, and ANC Commissioner Ron Lewis will make a “major announcement” on the subject of campus plan negotiations,… Read More

ANC Wrap-up: Nothing is more important than a good night’s sleep

Last night at the monthly meeting of advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, we had an important announcement about the campus plan, and a few other  visits from the university. Before we get into the recap, here’s a PSA in… Read More

ANC Wrap-up: Keeping us safe from the University and food trucks

I don’t know if it was the broken heating system or the tension, but everyone was sweating at last night’s meeting of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, but it served as a reminder that NIMBY-ism is a dish best… Read More

ANC Wrapup: Collapsed buildings and controversial food trucks

Last night’s meeting of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E saw a series of guest stars from DCRA, Pepco, MPD, and DC Fire Dept. And that’s in addition to all the normal nonsense and obligatory campus plan pooh-poohing the ANC… Read More