ANC Wrapup: If there aren’t any more questions…

In Jake Sticka‘s (SFS ’13) last week as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, the ANC held its monthly meeting on the Georgetown University campus in “recognition” of the school, as announced at the last meeting. In the meeting, the… Read More

Students win two seats on Advisory Neighborhood Commission

Last Tuesday on Election Day, students didn’t just fill out their ballots for presidential candidates. Hoyas also came out to support ANC hopefuls Peter Prindiville (SFS ’14) and Craig Cassey (COL ’15), who both secured spots in an uncontested election. Cassey… Read More

ANC 2E releases details on revised Campus Plan

Earlier today, ANC 2E released the revised 2010 Campus Plan. The move follows yesterday afternoon’s jubilant announcement of a finalized plan, along with the creation of a new Georgetown Community Partnership between the university and its neighbors. It… Read More