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Students rally at Hoya Court in support of Aramark workers

On Wednesday afternoon, over a hundred students and Aramark employees led by the Georgetown Solidarity Committee gathered at Sellinger Lounge and marched to Hoya Court in support of Aramark workers’ rights on campus. Students created a buzz of… Read More


Leo’s to get fancy with rustic farmhouse facelift

Remember when Leo’s was aesthetically pleasing? Neither does Vox. However, that is all about to change(?) with the snazzy new redesign plan for Georgetown’s favorite dining hall. Earlier this week, Georgetown Dining tweeted that “Leo’s new look” is… Read More


John Oliver blasts Aramark’s prison food

In the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver made fun of Aramark, the contractor who staffs and supplies Leo’s, for their shoddy service and poor quality of food for the prisoners they serve. Yep, that’s right. The… Read More

Hoya Roundtable discusses elevating our food and student spaces

The Georgetown University Student Association facilitated a conversation on Tuesday between key University decision-makers and students on issues concerning food services and student space issues. Pertaining to student complaints about the wait time for Elevation Burger, national managing… Read More

Churros and mango salad appear in small plate form at Leo’s

What is this specimen? It’s sugary, it looks like a doughnut, and reminds me of my study abroad  semester in Spain. But  no. Churros at Leo’s. Not possible. Apparently, it’s “Maximum Mexican” day at Leo’s. The last time you were… Read More

Students slam Aramark at first Hoya Roundtables on Leo’s

During the first Hoya Roundtable of the new school year, students had the chance to voice their concerns about the facilities at Georgetown. As usual, students were concerned about the most important facility at Georgetown: Leo O’Donovan Dining… Read More

Campus workers join students for BBQ on Healy lawn

Last Saturday, amid the frenzy of GAAP weekend and the annual Run for Rigby event, Georgetown’s Grilling Society wasn’t the only group serving burgers and hot dogs in the 85 degree heat. Across from the long lines for… Read More

Unionizing Leo’s workers stage demonstration during lunch hour

Shortly after 12:30 p.m. today, Leo’s workers, who are in the process of negotiating a union contract with Aramark, staged a demonstration on the upper floor of the dining hall. Coinciding with chicken-finger Thursdays and a day when… Read More

Hoya Roundtable Wrap-up

Wednesday, October 12, Georgetown’s Chief Operating Officer, Christopher Augostini held the first “Hoya Roundtable” to ask students how Georgetown could best serve them. New to the job, Augostini started the meeting by saying, “The best way for me to… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: On-campus news you can use

Just like last year, Vox is helping you get on top of “news you can use” with an excessively comprehensive review of last year’s important news stories. You’ve already heard of foolish things former freshman have done. Now,… Read More