You’ve Been a Bad, Bad Hoya: Sochi Edition

Jamaica may have a bobsled team, but its Caribbean neighbor Dominica fielded not one, but two cross-country ski competitors in the Sochi Olympic Games, which concluded a few short days ago. Dominica, a tiny island nation of around… Read More

You’ve Been A Bad, Bad Hoya: The Twofer Edition

With a dash of disappointment and a smattering of schadenfreude, Vox has been forced to append the name of its serial to “You’ve Both Been Bad, Bad Hoyas.” On Friday, it was revealed Walsh School of Foreign Service professor… Read More

You’ve been a bad, bad Hoya, and you’re going to get away with it

Federal prosecutors have moved to throw out a case against Pedro Paulo dos Santos, a Georgetown University official charged with felony theft. He is accused of embezzling $300,000 from the University, but officials want to drop the case… Read More

You’ve Been A Bad, Bad Hoya: White House staffer caught running snarky Twitter

Jofi Joseph (SFS ’94) just hit the wall. He almost had it all. This erstwhile member of the National Security Council, a division of the executive branch that advises the President of the United States on matters of… Read More

You’ve been a bad, bad Hoya: Picking on kids edition

As the first new feature of the upcoming semester’s Vox, we’d like to turn the admonishing finger of the fourth estate towards certain Georgetown figures who have been thrust into the news for less-than-admirable reasons. Online political gossip… Read More