Ben & Jerry’s new D.C.-flavored ice cream is thankfully not a racial metaphor

D.C.’s official Ben & Jerry’s flavor of ice cream is a mix of marshmallow, caramel, and chocolate-covered cornflakes rolled into chocolate ice cream. Racially, D.C. is a mix of whites, Asians, and Latinos rolled into a historically-black local… Read More

Free Food-for-All: These milkshakes would make Kelis blush

Best. Sampling. Ever. This Thursday, the Corp will be sampling those F’Real milkshakes and smoothies that are now available at Vital Vittles. (The chocolate milkshake is delicious. We’ve had, like, 15 of them already.) Stop by Red Square… Read More

Gay couple to wed today in Georgetown’s Ben & Jerry’s

Same-sex couples have been exchanging vows all over the District since D.C. first began to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples on Tuesday—in gardens, in courthouses, in the office of the Human Rights Campaign, and even… Read More