Free Food for All: Too sweet to handle

Winter may have decided to make a (hopefully) brief return, but there’s no better way to keep warm but to chow down on some free food. If you had the unfortunate pleasure of living in Darnall Hall your… Read More

Free Food for All: Dancing and noshing the night away

The weather might have decided to grace us with a little springtime warmth, and to make it even better, there’s free food. Thursday is the day for free food, with not one but two events to satisfy any cravings… Read More

Free Food-for-All: These milkshakes would make Kelis blush

Best. Sampling. Ever. This Thursday, the Corp will be sampling those F’Real milkshakes and smoothies that are now available at Vital Vittles. (The chocolate milkshake is delicious. We’ve had, like, 15 of them already.) Stop by Red Square… Read More

Free Food-for-All: “C” is for cookie, now give them all to me

NOM NOM NOM The Bioethics Research Library invented the world’s most perfect name for their weekly food giveaway: Cookie Friday. From 4 to 5 p.m. every Friday, the library, located in Healy 102, will serve free cookies to… Read More