Georgetown biology professor’s dolphin research becomes children’s book

Professor Janet Mann of Georgetown’s biology department has been conducting extensive research on dolphin tool use in Shark Bay in Western Australia. With cute dolphins employing some fascinating survival strategies, Mann’s research is the basis for The Dolphins of Shark… Read More

Georgetown biology professor discovers redundancy in intestinal immune system

Last Wednesday, a study published in the online journal mBio by biology department chair Steven Singer, pictured at left, and his team shows novel effects of two genes that counteract the effects of Giardia duodenalis, the most common cause… Read More

GU scientists collect dolphin DNA from “blow”

Great news for aquatic mammal aficionados! Georgetown scientists have pioneered a non-invasive way to collect dolphin DNA through the animals’ blow. What is blow, you ask? Just the dolphins’ exhalations. (Get your mind out of the gutter, creep.)… Read More