Prefrosh Preview: Powertops on the Hilltop

Editor’s note: This post is intended to provide a realistic and informative picture of sex at Georgetown. The information in this post is generally common knowledge and does not come from personal experience. In recent years, sex at… Read More

Law students deliver petition to University, escalating demands for contraceptive coverage

Over 700 students signed a petition to the University last Thursday calling for contraceptive coverage in the student health plans for the coming academic year. The letter was jointly signed by law student Sandra Fluke and Georgetown’s Law… Read More

DeGioia responds to attacks against Sandra Fluke

Friday March 2, Georgetown University┬áPresident┬áJohn DeGioia sent an email to the Georgetown community commending law student Sandra Fluke for her civil discourse about birth control and criticizing the media for the personal attacks against her. A few weeks… Read More

Plan A Hoyas rally in Healy Circle, Red Square for GAAP weekend

Update 2:41 p.m.: Vox has been looking into some of the claims Plan A made at today’s rally. Their claim that Georgetown has one of the highest rates of sexual assaults among college campuses appears to be false…. Read More

We’re on Plan B already?

Might as well get this party started by saying, it’s about time the government caved and let us have all the consequence-free unprotected sex we want (except for the danger of, y’know, AIDS ‘n stuff). The FDA’s decision… Read More