Justin Bieber blingee contest winners! Omgomgomg!

Last week, we asked our readers to blingee the crap out of a picture that surfaced on the Internet of teen idol Justin Bieber walking with his main squeeze Selena Gomez and wearing a Hoyas hat. First off,… Read More

Photoshop/Blingee contest! Come one, come all!

Earlier today, the Internet gave a gift to the Georgetown community. Teenage sensation Justin Bieber was photographer trouncing around Brazil with girlfriend Selena Gomez, and guess what team’s hat he used to cover his famed blonde locks? Can… Read More

Season’s Greetings from Vox

Vox knows that it missed wishing you a Happy Hanukkah and all of the other holidays that have happened over the past few weeks (except for Festivus), but we actually remembered that it’s Christmas Eve, so a Merry… Read More

GUSA elections end our long, representative-less nightmare

GUSA election results are in, people. Time to get excited! After a long week of election previews—and thankfully, plenty of excuses to bring out our favorite blingee—the GUSA Election Commission announced the winners of the elections. Vox congratulates… Read More

GUSA Elections: “Will my district have a senator?” edition

To help foster a (hopefully) more informed student body for this year’s Georgetown University Student Association Senate Elections, Vox invited all candidates to complete a short questionnaire regarding their candidacies. And, to our surprise, some of them even… Read More

The winner of Vox‘s Blingee a Georgetown personality contest

Vox has chosen Sam Ungar’s creation as the winner of our “Blingee a Georgetown personality” reader contest. Using a photo of the statue of Jan Karski, Ungar produced a true work of art: Ungar has won two tickets… Read More

Reader contest: Blingee a Georgetown personality to win E Street Theater tickets!

A while back, a friend of the Voice shared with us this work of art: Provost Jim O’Donnell Stunned by the creator’s breathtaking use of hotpants, we’re dying to see more. So from now until Wednesday at midnight,… Read More