Hoya Hub blog on life in Georgetown and D.C. to launch Nov. 4

If Vox Populi doesn’t quite fill all your blogging desires, on Nov. 4 students will see one more website popping up on laptops in lecture halls.   That day will mark the launch of Hoya Hub, a new website… Read More

Provost Bob Groves to tweet about his new blog

In an email sent to students, the new Provost Robert Groves announced the inaugural post of a blog he will maintain throughout the semester. He titles the first post “Our Moment in Time,” in which he discusses the future of… Read More

Georgetown freshman Joey Pearson sings, vlogs

Georgetown has had its share of campus celebrities over the last few years: Charlie Cooper, that kid who shot the toilet, the governator’s daughter, the iPod vigilante, and a host of bloggers, just to mention a few. Joey… Read More

Georgetown students launch worsthookups.com

Remember that time you (a stupid act) in hopes that you could (a sexual activity) with (object of your sexual desire)? Well, now you can tell the internet about it! Worsthookups.com, a site that chronicles “golden hookup experiences… Read More

“Media mashup” site to hit Georgetown this August

Georgetown Blog Hub, the yet-to-be-launched website that co-founder Laura Sortwell (MSB ’10) once called “a one-stop place to stay in touch with Georgetown,” is getting a makeover. The site, which now operates under the name “What Rocks,” is… Read More

Site news: Calling all Georgetown bloggers!

We have a confession to make: our blogroll is woefully outdated and incomplete. So, that’s where you can help! Do you blog? Are you at all related to Georgetown University? If so, fill out the form below and… Read More

Join the Hoyas Anonymous renaissance today in Red Square!

Hoyas Anonymous (“Hoyas on the outside, Human on the inside”) has had plenty of boring phases since the Postsecret-style website started back in October of 2008. But oh how they’ve flourished in the past few weeks, with new… Read More

Local blogger Carol Joynt says Georgetown should secede from D.C.

If you ever needed proof that Georgetowners are sometimes way too fond of their community, look no further than Carol Joynt’s bizarre treatise on why Georgetown should secede from D.C. to form its own city. No, you did… Read More

Despite the snow, Georgetown professor holds class via real-time blog

Maybe none of you liked Provost Jim O’Donnell’s suggestion that Georgetown professors find creative ways to hold class on a snow day, but Communications, Culture and Technology Professor Diana Owen did. When she read O’Donnell’s e-mail encouraging professors… Read More

Students starting Georgetown “blog hub”

Is Vox‘s extensive blog roll not quite satisfying your Georgetown blogosphere needs?  Well Laura Sortwell (MSB ’10) and Jessica Lioon (MSB ’10) are looking out for you.  Sortwell and Lioon are starting up a Georgetown “blog hub” that… Read More